By Akin Ojumu

To anyone paying attention, Satan’s agenda to corrupt the Church is an open secret. Keen observers of these things are not unaware of the intentions of the prince of darkness to infest Christianity. In Nigeria, one of Satan’s leading agents in his destructive scheme is Mother Esther Ajayi, the founder of Love of Christ Generation Church, Cherubim & Seraphim (Worldwide).

Ever since this mistress of Satan busted into the scene, she has deployed a well-worn strategy, which is to ingratiate herself with the Body of Christ in Nigeria. Satan understands that the best way to bring the Church down is to erode its foundation. First, he blurs the lines by making it difficult to tell the difference between a true Household of Faith and den of demons. 

Next, Satan targets the leadership of the Church by putting them in compromising positions. He makes sure that his agents receive the necessary legitimacy by having them hobnob with respected leaders of the faith. Wittingly or unwittingly, Christian leaders endorse Satan’s agents by way of relentless fraternizations and constant associations.

The first volley in the current war against the Church in Nigeria was fired when Satan reached his claws into Pastor Enoch Adejare Adeboye, the General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God. He was the first major kahuna Satan had in his crosshairs. 

Many of us watched in horror as the revered man of God and his wife gave the sum of N5,000,000 as contribution towards the building of the Love of Christ Generation Church auditorium, a pagan temple. We stridently blew the trumpet and vociferously sounded the alarm when Daddy Adeboye was the keynote speaker and the one picked to cut the ribbon to open a shrine dedicated to demons.  

All our hues and cries fell on deaf ears. Fellow Christians condemned us for not being charitable and loving. We were called all kinds of names, labelled pharisees, and derided as holier than thou.

If we thought Satan was done, we “was” wrong – as they say in the hood.

Shortly thereafter, Satan showed us his next move. Unbeknownst to us, he had his evil eyes set on Bishop David Oyedepo, the Founder & President of the Living Faith Church. Soon, we saw him reach out with his bait-laden demonic fishing rod to reel in the head of Winners Chapel. 

This all happened at a recent event when the perennially white-clad man of God was seen giggling and gaggling as the priestess of Baal prostrated before him to welcome him to the commemoration service of the deceased head of Cherubim & Seraphim. 

To demonstrate to the world that she has Bishop Oyedepo exactly where she wants him, the mistress of Satan blasted photos of her on two knees offering the highly regarded man of God a glass of water all over her social media feeds

This pretend show of respect and faux adulation were nothing but a façade, a mere act in a well-rehearsed performative drama. Her display of humility was a cynical ploy to legitimize her spiritual credentials in order to mainstream herself as an authentic minister of the Gospel.

Petrified as we were to see these two “giants” of the faith fall easily for Satan’s gimmickry, we still held out hope that the battle was not totally lost. As alarmed as we were as the ancient boundary between Christianity and idolatry gets obliterated, we still believed that the levee would hold and that the catastrophic flood of evil would not overflow the Church. 

Alas, how wrong we were. 

What finally crushed our hope was seeing the last domino fall. Our optimism was eventually shattered when the last line of defense – the man we had hoped would stand firm and resist the siege – also succumbed. It felt as though the roof caved in on our heads when the powerful winds and storm surge of the hurricane of evil finally laid waste to the entire top-tier leadership of the Christian faith in Nigeria.

Pastor William Kumuyi, the General Superintendent of the Deeper Life Bible Church – the man some of us had counted on to be the shining example of no compromise with unfruitful works of darkness – was the last of the Elders of the Faith to fall. 

In a recently dug up photo taken at an event hosted by the Youth Wing Christian Association of Nigeria, the apostle of perfect Christian living himself could be seen capitulating to the wiles and caprices of Satan. Without even realizing it, the evangelist of holiness bowed his knees to Baal. And by successfully getting her last big man of God, the mistress of Satan netted a hat-trick.

Nobody paid attention when, 3 years ago, Mother Esther Ajayi told the whole world that all she wanted to accomplish was to drag the leadership of the Christian Church in Nigeria to come and bow to the god of Cherubim & Seraphim. Everybody thought it was all a joke when the priestess of Baal made known her goal to entice evangelical Christians to worship her demons. 

Now that she has succeeded, I hope the Church is finally taking notice. If before now you weren’t so sure that the Church is under attack from within and without, it behooves you to wake up from your obliviousness.


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