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By Akin Ojumu For someone with no formal education and who never saw the four walls of a school classroom, my late Grandma, God bless her heart, was extremely witty and sharp as a tack. Her mental astuteness and keen intelligence were off the charts. In the most uncanny way possible, she seemed to always have a poignantly clarifying idiom that captured the zeitgeist of the moment and had a way of dropping it at the most auspicious times. Mama N’Idogun, as we fondly called her, was a walking talking compendium of indigenous sayings and an encyclopedia of native proverbs who liberally watered the fallow grounds of the mind of her offspring from the deep well of her folk wisdom turning us to lush gardens seeded with knowledge and understanding. Had she had the opportunity to receive a formal education, it is not hard to imagine she would have become an erudite scholar at one of Nigeria’s universities. Of the numerous sayings that flowed from my Grandma’s well of witt


By Akin Ojumu Whether you are a diehard Darwinist or a dyed in the wool Creationist, it is impossible to look at the human body and not conclude there is an intelligent mind behind its design. Composed of nearly forty trillion cells intricately organized and arranged into tissues, organs, and systems all working and functioning in one accord, the human body is, without a doubt, the most complex and complicated piece of engineering there is on earth. The Maker of the human body is inventive of mind and dexterous of hand. Like a grand orchestra, the organization of the human body is a masterful arrangement of complicated melodies, harmonies and rhythms producing rich and luxurious music. His creative genius and skillful craftsmanship manifest in the more than 40 trillion chemical processes that occur in the human body every passing second. The One who weaves all of the structures, functions and processes together in perfect harmony is a Grand Maestro of 40 trillion membe