By Akin Ojumu

Before continuing with the “Nigeria Houses of Horror” commentary series, I thought to share this video clip which sort of encapsulates everything that’s wrong with contemporary Christianity.

The video is produced by Jubilee Media, a social media platform whose stated mission is to: ‘bridge people together and inspire love through compelling stories, create shareable, human-centric videos that create connection, challenge assumptions, and touch the soul, and ultimately to inspire people to live deeper.’

One of the most popular series produced by Jubilee Media is a dialogue session called the “Middle Ground.” Fashioned after the deliberative colloquy format, the Middle Ground brings together groups of people with shared identities and asks them a series of questions. The participants are generally presented with a series of serious prompts, such as, ‘LGBTQ people wont go to heaven. Step forward if you agree.’ All participants from either side who agree with the statement step forward into the spotlight, sit down, and then deliberate on the concept. After some time, those who disagree step forward and join the discussion.

This 96-second video clip is extracted from a 46-minute long Middle Ground session that involves a dialogue between former and current LGBTQ individuals who also happen to identify as Christians. It’s a debate between formerly gay people who are now Christians and those who are still living the homosexual lifestyle but still call themselves Christians anyway.

That humankind has lost their minds is a realization I have long known. For me, this Middle Ground dialogue between gays and ex-gays “Christians” is a revelation of the extent of the sickness in the human soul.

Take for instance this exchange between Candice (an active lesbian who describes herself as a Christian filled with the Holy Spirit) and Rashad (who was formerly gay but has now been saved by the power of the Holy Spirit from the homosexual lifestyle).

CANDICE: “I am a gay Christian and I have the spirit of God inside of me. There’s no Scripture that you can point to that can disprove that. Because it’s about my personal relationship with my soul and heart with the divine being we call God.”

RASHAD: “I actually do. I have two Scriptures.”

CANDICE: “I just told you. You cannot use Scripture, Sir.

RASHAD: “But that’s…but…but…but we are Christians.”

CANDICE: “If youre gonna hold the Bible above my personal relationship with Jesus Christ then you have held the Bible as an idol…”

This view expressed by Candice that her experience cannot be questioned by anyone, not even by the Bible, is shared by many in the Church today. There are those in the Body of Christ who consider any attempt to test their confession and expression of faith using Scripture as tantamount to holding the Bible up as an idol.

I know that some of you reading this are saying: “Well, thank God I’m not like that.”

And there may be those shrugging their shoulders and telling themselves: “This does not reflect my values, beliefs, or conduct.”

While it may be true that you are not a lesbian, or gay, or bisexual, or transgender, or queer, or whatever, nevertheless, in many ways you are exactly like these lost souls shown in this video. 

And here’s why.

Anyone who elevates their experience above Scripture is as lost as the folks depicted in this video. If you hold to the erroneous belief that your feelings, sensations, and emotions validate Scripture, you are no different than the degenerates featured in this video.

Whenever we replace acceptable Biblically sound worship with esoteric, mystical, phenomenal, and experiential manifestations, typical of the Mystery Babylon religion, we are exactly like the Candice in the video. Those who jettison true manifestations of the Holy Spirit (as described in Galatians 5:22 and elsewhere) to embrace irrational, ecstatic, orgiastic, trance-like spectacles are as debased as these depraved minds.

True faith comes from the written Word of God (Romans 10:17). Fidelity to Scripture is the source of all sound doctrines. It is sound doctrines that produce sound Christians. Churches fall into error when they teach heretical doctrines. Those who sit under false teachings and consume heretical doctrines are bound to fall into all kinds of idolatry, immorality, and depravity.

Wherever there’s error, lawlessness abounds. Sexual scandals and financial malfeasance always follow false teachers. In the absence of sound doctrines, the people cast off restraint and plunge headlong into all kinds of lascivious acts (Proverbs 19:18).

The Church that suppresses the Truth of God by preaching doctrines of demons is a Church that God will soon give up to dishonorable passions. All those who go there will God give up to the lusts of their hearts, to impurity, and to the dishonoring of their bodies among themselves.

When experience trumps Scripture bad things always happen. And that’s what the Bible tells us in Romans 1:18-32.


  1. Amen. I really appreciate your site. A big blessing

  2. The lesbian lady said first,” there is no scripture that says you cannot be a gay “ . When the young man decide to give her the scripture, she stopped him, angrily right away . What kind of spirit is in her? For sure not the Holy-Spirit

  3. She said there is no scripture that says u can not be gay , as the young man wanted to give her the scripture, she shut him up very quick . I and only I can preach from my spirit . That ain’t sis the Holy-Spirit


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