By Akin Ojumu

Very often, folks who write critical commentaries that expose the false teachings, false doctrines, and the myriads of shenanigans that go on in Christendom wonder whether their messages are breaking through the din of distraction and deception that seem to have deadened the discernment of many believers. 

From time to time, those who earnestly contend for the purity of the Christian faith ponder on the success, or lack thereof, of their thankless efforts of unmasking idolaters masquerading as Christian pastors. Defenders of the fidelity of Christian beliefs frequently ask themselves questions such as:

“Can anyone hear me?”

“Is anybody out there listening?”

“Am I making any difference?”

“Is anyone reached?”

“Are the charlatans reading this?”

“Do what I write and say make impostors queasy and uneasy?”

Most of the time, the response to these questions is…crickets! All they get is an eardrum shattering silence.

Nevertheless, there are those precious rare moments when the wolves in sheep’s clothing and/or their followers tip their hands. In those occasional instances, they are so stinged by a particular remonstrating commentary that they can’t contain their fury.

What they do then is to lash out viciously. They do all they can to silence the disapproving commentators by discrediting them with false allegations and salacious slanders. Unable to contest the facts, the charlatans would try to delegitimize the faith of the very people who challenge their false teachings and erroneous doctrines.

Lacking any substantive defense of their man or woman of God, the minions and followers of the impostors rise up in unrighteous indignation on social media to rain insults, abuses, and curses on the critics of their idols.

When all that fails, the next recourse is to attempt to shut down the critical blogs and antagonistic social media platforms. Stung by scathing commentaries on YouTube, they make copyright claims in order to get the offending channel terminated. For unflattering write-ups posted on a Blog or Facebook, the impostors try to take it over by hacking and spam attacks.

As a writer of provocative and critical commentaries, I’ve been subjected to all of the above pushbacks by whackjobs who call themselves ministers of the Gospel. Some offended by what I write have called me unprintable names.

To discredit me, many of them have labelled me as nothing but a backslider who derailed many years ago. Several attempts have been made to get my YouTube channel terminated. I have received multiple copyright claims made against me by big and small men of God alike.

The latest attempt to shut me up happened very early this morning when I woke up to read an email from Meta Facebook telling me that my Facebook account had been hacked.

Hi Akin,
It looks like someone may have accessed your Facebook account. To secure your account, you'll need to answer a few questions and change your password the next time you go to Facebook.

For your protection, no one can see you on Facebook until you secure your account.


The Facebook Security Team

This hacking of my Facebook account is a first for me. At no time other time in the past was my Facebook account breached by anyone. If I’m being honest with you, I see no reason why anyone would even bother about my commentaries. When it comes to Facebook “friends,” I’m barely in the 500s. Very few of my commentaries register more than 10 likes. The number of my posts that have gone viral can be counted on the fingers of one hand.

So, why would anyone go to the length of hacking a zero to low traffic Facebook page?

Well, my guess is, I must have hit a nerve. You see, yesterday, I posted a commentary titled, “Mother Esther Ajayi Finally Gets Her Man,” in which I wrote about Esther Ajayi’s mission to corrupt Christianity in Nigeria by ingratiating herself with the top echelon of Christian leadership in the country.

In a 2021 video, Mother Esther Ajayi unequivocally stated her mission. She categorically spelt out her evil intentions for Christianity in Nigeria. According to her, the assignment for which she has been commissioned by Satan in Nigeria:

“It’s not about the money. It’s about them coming to our god.”

To fulfill her mission, Mother Esther Ajayi sets her sights on the three leading Christian ministers in Nigeria, namely, Pastor Adeboye, Bishop Oyedepo, and Pastor Kumuyi. Her modus operandi is to obsequiously interact with these three respected Christian leaders by taking photos and recording videos with them and blasting them on her social media feeds.

In these photos and videos, you often find her appearing subservient, humble and respectful, exploiting the human weakness for admiration and affirmation. As manipulative as shes charming, a slithering snake in the grass, Esther Ajayi has perfected the duplicitous act of heaping praises, kneeling, prostrating, rolling on the floor, and brimming with smiles and all chumminess whenever shes in the presence of these leaders of the faith.

What this does is confer legitimacy and validation on the prophetess of Cherubim & Seraphim religion. When people see her hobnobbing with men of God like Adeboye, Oyedepo, and Kumuyi, unconsciously, they drop their guards, and they begin to see the pagan priestess as just another Christian minister.

The association and fraternization with these highly regarded pastors is read by many as an endorsement of her brand of religion which, in actual fact, is nothing but paganism and idolatry dressed up as authentic Christianity.

So, in yesterday’s commentary, I shared a photo of Esther Ajayi standing with Pastor WF Kumuyi and two other photos where the GS of Deeper Life can be seen laying his hands on her head while appearing to be praying for her. I lamented the fact that Pastor Kumuyi is the last of the three giants of the faith in Nigeria she has successfully co-opted into her devilish scheme to destroy Christianity in Nigeria.

Evidently, the commentary stung the high priestess of Baal and her minions. Incensed and enraged, they set out to silence the criticism and exposé by hacking my Facebook.

Well, your attempt to shut me up utterly failed. Now that I know that my commentaries are hitting their marks, I’m even more motivated to never shut up.


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