By Akin Ojumu

I hate to say this, but I’m going to say it, nonetheless.

You see, when I survey the landscape of contemporary Christianity, and I see the profound intellectual incuriosity, the frightening lack of incredulity, and the mind-boggling dearth of critical reasoning, the only conclusion I come to is that there are many in the Church who are sleepwalking their way to eternity in hell.

Notwithstanding their intellectual prowess in secular endeavors, the vast majority of church folks are easy to fool. Some of the most thoughtful and cerebral people in the things of this world tend to shut down their analytical fecundity when it comes to discerning truth from error in spiritual matters.

This caging of quizzical contemplation is manifested in the unquestioning embrace of anyone and everyone who calls himself a man of God. Without so much as an attempt at applying the Berean principle, otherwise rational people believe anything and everything presented to them stamped with the Christian label.

Emblematic of this easy gullibility is the reactions I get each time I question the credentials of a revered man of God as a true minister of the Gospel. You could literally see a mask of knee jerk reactionary consternation drop down over their face whenever they hear me call out their respected GO or popular apostle for the great harm they are doing to the Christian faith.

Such criticisms of their Daddy in the Lord, who in their mind has a direct line of communication with the Throne Room in Heaven from where he downloads esoteric messages, are frowned upon. Anyone who questions their so-called Christian celebrity whom they hold in high esteem is buffeted with instant rebuke and visited with disapproving retort.

Even when presented with irrefutable examples of the things their man of God does or says that are totally incongruent with the Scripture and completely incompatible with the Christian faith, many shrug them off and don’t seem to care. The few that have a little bit of conscience and who find it difficult to deny the evidence in front of their eyes, twist themselves into nuts as they try to explain and justify what they know, deep down in their mind, to be clearly wrong.

It wouldn’t surprise me one bit that some people will read this commentary that examines another atrocity committed by Kirk Franklin and respond by firing at me their arrows of impious indignation. In fact, I’d be shocked otherwise. All I can say is that my heart goes out to such people. I truly grieve their ignorance.

My understanding of Scripture has evolved over the years since Christ chose to save and redeem me from my sins. I’m far more knowledgeable now about many things concerning the faith than I did years ago. Yet, the more I keep studying, the more I keep learning, and the more my eyes are opened to the things done in the name of God that are contrary to the Word of God.

I have said it in the past, and I’m going to say it again. It may have taken me close to 30 years to come to this realization, but I can categorically tell you that Kirk Franklin is not now and has never been a Christian musician. The man is just another fame-obsessed and mammon-possessed music producer who has cynically carved out Gospel music as a money-making niche for himself.

Kirk Franklin proved this again back in December 2023 when he went on Club Shay Shay, a podcast hosted by a loud-mouth unregenerate former American football player turned sports analyst named Shannon Sharpe.

Asked about how he gets inspiration for his songs, Kirk Franklin replied with the following unbelievably horrifying words:

“So many songs that have blessed people have been written butt naked…But...but not one sock on. I straight out of bed. If you come over to my house dont sit on that piano bench. That piano bench ain’t had none but cheeks…that piano bench…for Jesus…”

“The good person out of the good treasure of his heart produces good, and the evil person out of his evil treasure produces evil, for out of the abundance of the heart his mouth speaks.” (Luke 6:45).

You cannot be a true Gospel artist and your response to the question about the inspiration for your songs would be to tell the whole world that you wrote so many of your hit songs while you were sitting butt naked on your piano bench.

Any so-called Christian musician who thinks it is an appropriate and a godly thing to say that he composed most of his popular songs with no clothes on certainly worships a different god than the Holy God of the Bible.

I hope some who read this would understand where I’m coming from when I say Kirk Franklin is an agent of Satan. The man has done and said enough things to end the debate about the inauthenticity of his Christian faith. If you care at all about your soul, youd run away from him and his spiritually toxic music.


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