By Akin Ojumu

Weeks after unceremoniously ousting Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) as Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives and following the embarrassing debacle of multiple failed attempts to elect a Speaker Designate, Congressional Republicans have finally settled on Mike Johnson (R-LA) as Speaker.

Mike Johnson's ascension to the Speaker of the House was made possible because his fellow Republicans had beaten themselves up to pulp. Exhausted and with no strength left to continue the familicide, House Republicans were left with no choice but to settle on the last man standing after 22 days of speakerless chaos and MAGA catastrophe.

Much more than the exhaustion, though, Mike Johnson’s choice as Speaker was informed by his impeccable record as a loyal MAGA warrior. His allegiance to the MAGA cause is firmly rooted in his stance on the 2020 presidential election. Mike Johnson is a fanatical believer, unflinching supporter, and unabashed promoter of the debunked lie that Donald Trump won the 2020 presidential election by a landslide, but the election was cruelly stolen from him by the Deep State.

Immediately after his election of Mike Johnson as Speaker, the MAGA deity himself took to his social media platform and triumphantly posted, “MAGA MIKE JOHNSON!” Other minions of the realm would soon take a victory lap at the ascendency of the MAGA cult. Matt Gaetz (R-FL.), the architect of the ouster of the deposed speaker, held up newly elected Speaker Mike Johnson as a shining example of the strength of the “MAGA movement.”

Like everything else MAGA, though, the hooting is short-lived. The wild celebration has come to a screeching halt. True to type, MAGA crazies have already turned their guns on MAGA Mike. The newly minted Speaker is now a target of the far-right circular firing squad. The extremists of the MAGA cult have

It has now come to light that MAGA Mike is a closest sympathizer of the Black Lives Matter movement. In a newly dug up video of an interview he gave in the summer of 2020 following the brutal murder of George Floyd by a group of Minnesota police officers, MAGA Mike condemned the tragic incident, describing it as murder. Asked what he felt after watching the video of Floyd being killed, Johnson replied:

“I was outraged. I don’t think anyone can view the video and objectively come to any other conclusion but that it was an act of murder. And I felt that initially, as everyone did and it’s so disturbing. And, you know, the underlying issues beneath that are something that the country is now struggling with. And I think it’s something we have to look at very soberly and with a lot of empathy. And I’m glad to see that’s happening around the country.”

He then went on to add:

“You know, what it’s taught me is we now have four other children of our own. And my oldest son, Jack, ironically, this year is 14. And I’ve thought often through all these ordeals over the last couple of weeks about the difference in the experiences between my two 14-year-old sons, Michael being a black American and Jack being white Caucasian. They have different challenges. My son Jack has an easier path. He just does. The interesting thing about both of these kids, Michael and Jack, is they’re both handsome, articulate, really talented kids, gifted by God to do lots of things. But the reality is, and no one can tell me otherwise, my son Michael had a harder time than my son Jack is going to have simply because of the color of his skin. And that’s a reality. It’s an uncomfortable, painful one to acknowledge, but people have to recognize that’s a fact.”

One of the MAGA crazies, Laura Loomer, posted on Twitter: 

“‘MAGA MIKE’ hearts drug addict George Floyd. Turns out there’s no difference between MAGA MIKE and Big Mike! Is he an undercover Democrat? What type of MAGA republican says something like this?”

For daring to speak the truth about the reality of being an African American in America, MAGA Mike is being rechristened BLM Mike. Notwithstanding that he is a fanatical MAGA adherent, an strong election denier, a staunch opponent of abortion, a fierce antagonist of gay marriage, and an unwavering gun advocate. All of those are rendered null and void by his clamor for a systemic change and transformative solution to race relations in America.

When, last week, Donald Trump made the statement that Republicans “eat their young,” the media mocked him and called the statement bizarre. But considering the speed with which the far-right swung from praising Mike Johnson as a MAGA disciple to cannibalizing him as a left-wing operative, Trump must be on to something. Republicans do indeed eat their young. We can only wait to see how long BLM Mike lasts as Speaker.


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