By Akin Ojumu

For just the itty-bitty sum of $425, Kris Vallotton wants to turn you into a modern-day prophet. At less than the price of a fairly decent suit at Nordstrom, the resident prophet at Bethel Church, Redding, California, plans to transform you into the Jeremiah of our day.

If you are wondering whether Kris Vallotton can actually deliver on what he is promising, it’s important to examine his prophetic antecedents. For those wanting to determine whether they’ll get a prophetic bang for their bucks, here’s something you should know about this man who’s promising to confer on you the mantle of Elijah.

In 2020, Kris Vallotton was one of the MAGA prophets who claimed God told them that Donald Trump was going to win re-election. The man, who is also the co-founder of Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry, announced to the whole world that God had assured him of Trump’s second term. He claimed God confirmed this to him in three dreams in one night.

“This decree,” said prophet Vallotton, “the Lord is gonna step in sovereignly.” As he explained it, “I believe the Lord’s gonna give him [Trump] another term. I believe it because the Lord wants it. Cause the Lord wants it. I am commissioned by God to do this today. I had three dreams in one night.”

Then came election day. As the results rolled in, it soon became pretty apparent that Donald Trump was going to lose. Once the major news networks called the race for Joe Biden, Kris Vallotton took to social media to apologize for his failed prophecy.

"I want to sincerely apologize for missing the prophecy about Donald Trump. It doesn't make me a false prophet. I prophesied he would become president four days after he declared his candidacy [in 2015]. And I prophesied Trump would not be impeached [and removed from office]. I'm very sorry to everyone who put their trust in me, there was a major, major mistake,” said false prophet Vallotton.

Immediately following his mea culpa, Vallotton’s mates from the school of the false prophets ripped him apart. Unable to take the fusillades of derision for being a chicken prophet, Kris did a double take. He retracted his apology by claiming he had decided to wait for the completion of the official vote count. If it turned out that Trump was eventually declared the winner, Vallotton promised to do a chicken dance in his spandex.

“Many people have asked me why I took my apology video down. After doing a lot more research, I decided to wait until the official vote count is complete as it appears that there is a significant amount of discrepancy in the process. In the meantime, I will be praying and believing for the will of the Lord to be done. If the outcome remains the same, I will repost my apology video. If my prophetic word turns out to be right, I will do the chicken dance in my spandex. God’s speed- humility is still the way forward,” Vallotton posted on Instagram.

Well, Kris Vallotton wasn’t going to do any chicken dance. Donald Trump wasn’t going to get a second term. Despite attempts by the dogs unleashed by Trump and his goons to violently disrupt and stop the electoral certification process, the victory of Joe Biden was certified on January 6, 2021.  And poor Kris Vallotton was forced to repost his apology again.

When it comes to prophecies, there are no margins for error. One failed prophecy makes a false prophet. A true prophet of God gets it right all the time. Kris Vallotton didn’t just make a mistake with his failed Trump’s prophecy. The man is a certifiably false prophet.

“When a prophet speaks in the name of the Lord, if the word does not come to pass or come true, that is a word that the Lord has not spoken; the prophet has spoken it presumptuously.” (Deuteronomy 18:22).

So, for those of you thinking of shelling out $425 to be instructed by Kris Vallotton on how to be a prophet, here’s my counteroffer. For half the price, you can enroll today in Akin Ojumu’s School of Prophets. In addition, you’ll receive a 100 percent discount if you sign on to study your Bible diligently for the next 365 days to discover God’s truth for yourself.


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