By Akin Ojumu

Poverty has robbed many Nigerians of their sense of integrity. A bowl of porridge has stripped them of their dignity. Because of silly ethnic sentiments, people you thought were enlightened are reduced to reasoning & behaving like unlearned villagers.

What sort of human beings are these people, really? How else can anyone explain the Nigerians’ habit of perpetually blowing up every prospect they have to chart a new course for posterity. Something must be profoundly wrong with Nigerians.

Their genetic predisposition to messing up opportunities is nothing short of pure madness. Nigerians’ penchant for self-destruction bespeaks of a loose screw flying around somewhere deep in their psyche.

When you have been fooled six times, like Nigerians have, in the six presidential elections since 1999 that have repeatedly produced visionless and purposeless leadership and you still insist on doing it over again, that can only be called Stockholm Syndrome!

In a vicious cycle of wrong electoral choices that yield inept leadership, Nigerians find themselves sinking deeper into an abyss of impoverishment. With every election, these foolhardy people descend further into a chasm of destitution.

Like the insane, Nigerians keep repeating the same old mistakes and then they expect a different result. Just like a chronically drunken gambler would, they habitually toss the dice of fate, keep their fingers crossed, and hope that luck is on their side this time around.

Yet we know that no nation thrives by means of wishful thinking and stroke of luck. The pillars of growth and development rest on a solid foundation of strong and enduring institutions. Consciously and deliberately, prosperous nations establish systems and institutions that form the backbones for growth and bulwark against decay.

Continually feeding gullible people with false hopes and empty promises, men like Bola Tinubu are adept at constructing skyscrapers of calumny that are nothing but a pie in the sky. 

Using news media, the social media, and the Nigeria airwaves as conduits, the rogue colonist of Lagos State pumps his pitiful propaganda of renewed hope, and he pushes his mediocre manifesto of excellence into the hearts and minds of the impressionable masses.

Tinubu dangles a morsel of meat before the hungry horde, and like Pavlov’s dogs, the people have been conditioned to accept the status quo as the only way to govern a nation. At the sound of his tuning fork, the mouths of insensate Nigerians begin to drip copious amounts of saliva in earnest anticipation of the crumbs that may fall from the Master’s table.

Shamefully, some Nigerians have come to succumb to the reality of their present existence. They have become so inured to the paradigm of their experience, that they find incredulous, and unable to accept, any effort made to cause that paradigm to shift even the slightest bit.

Having trapped these hapless masses in a fenceless mind cage, Bola Tinubu and his goons go about their business of pillaging the wealth of Nigeria without a care or any fear of retribution. Through bribery, the Jagaban successful perpetuates his corrupt influence. By thuggery and violence, he consolidates his power over fearful Nigerians.

Wake up from the drunken somnolence, Nigeria. Do not get sucked into believing the hocus-pocus disguised as a sincere desire to solve the nation’s innumerable challenges. 

Tinubu is a Vesuvius of mendacity peddling a bill of goods. His innards are a magma of pure destruction. Like a volcanic eruption spewing out hot ash and viscous lava, he sucks all the oxygen and consumes everything in his path.

Jagaban and his hordes of kleptomaniacs are a brood of vipers. With deceptive stealth, they strike the prey, sinking their fangs deep into the flesh, to fill the body with paralyzing venom.

Tinubu is a vampire who will suck the blood of Nigeria’s destiny dry. If allowed to rule, by the time he is done with Nigeria, there’ll be nothing left for future generation of Nigerians.


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