By Akin Ojumu

At the height of the Yoruba nation agitation, Bola Tinubu summoned the South-West leaders of the All Progressives Congress (APC) to a meeting in Lagos on Sunday, May 21, 2021. Present at the meeting were Bola Tinubu, Babajide Sanwo-Olu, Dapo Abiodun, Adegboyega Oyetola, and Bisi Akande. Others were Alani Akinrinade, Segun Osoba, Niyi Adebayo and Pius Akinyelure among others.

Following the meeting, the group of elderly misfits addressed members of the press during which they strongly denounced the growing clamor by a segment of the Yorubas for an independent nation where the safety and security of the Yoruba people can be guaranteed. 

Reading the communiqué, Bisi Akande, the spokesperson for the group said the following:

“We express our strong opposition to separatist agitations and hate speeches, while urging those indulging in such to desist forthwith.” 

This group of treacherous Yoruba leaders labelled their people’s outcry for safety and security in their own homes as “hate speech.” They cruelly and thoughtlessly hanged their kinsmen out to dry. 

Instead of standing firmly behind them in the face of relentless onslaught by murderous hordes of Fulani bandits who were rampaging through their farms and wreaking havoc in their homes, these feckless elders, led by Bola Tinubu, stabbed their own people in the back. In so doing, they gave aid and comfort to the enemy of their own people.

Some may ask. Why did they do this? Why would Yoruba elders sell out their own people?

Well, the answer is not all that farfetched. The betrayal of Tinubu and his co-conspirators was not informed by love of country, and it was certainly not motivated by a noble cause. The reason the duplicitous fellows cut their kinsmen at the knees was because they did not want to anger the Fulanis, the very same foreign invaders terrorizing their own people. 

You see, Bola Tinubu has long dreamt of becoming the president of Nigeria after Buhari. The key to the actualization of that dream is to suck up to the Fulanis. In the thinking of the selfish elders, showing support for the Yoruba nation agitation would have jeopardized Tinubu’s presidential ambition. Instead, these perfidious leaders chose to betray their own people. Rather than provoke the aggressors, they chose the cowardly option, they decided it was much easier to throw their own people under the bus of Tinubu’s selfish ambition.

Sadly, the betrayal by these sellouts didn’t end there. Immediately after their conclave of duplicity, they set in motion a series of actions that culminated in the July 1st 2021 military raid on the home of Sunday Igboho, the leader of the militant wing of the Yoruba nation agitation. Tinubu and his gang colluded with the Fulanis to invade Igboho’s house in Ibadan, in the dead of the night, where several people were injured and untold numbers killed. Luckily for him, Igboho escaped capture by the skin of his teeth and subsequently fled to Republic of Benin, where he is till today.

Fast forward 2023, Yoruba people seem to have completely forgotten this recent history. In a twist of the absurd, the same Tinubu, the man who sacrificed Yoruba nation on the altar of his selfish ambition without even a second thought, is now being hailed as the savior of the Yorubas. 

For this traitor, who colluded with the enemies of the Yoruba people, to be saluted as the deliverer of the Yorubas is an utter desecration of the memory of the hundreds of thousands of innocent Yorubas who have been slaughtered like animals by fulani bandits who invaded their farmlands and homelands.

That any Yoruba son or daughter could even look at Tinubu and not see him for the Judas he really is, is a macabre tragedy of unimaginable proportions!

Yoruba people, it’s high time you wise up. Bola Tinubu is not your friend and he’s certainly not your messiah. This selfish man is only looking out for himself. Look, Tinubu sold you out once before, I promise you, he’ll do it again in a heartbeat.

As the presidential campaign comes to its conclusion, Tinubu, the architect of “Change” and the champion of the “Next Level,” has come again with yet another slogan, “Renewed Hope.”  This would have been laughable if it weren’t deathly serious. Nothing about Tinubu is new or hopeful. This is a recycling of same old same old baloney that’ll end in pain and misery for all Nigerians.

With Tinubu, loyalty is a one-way street, and it all leads to himself. When the chips are down, this man, who sold out his own people, will most definitely betray Nigeria as well.


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