By Akin Ojumu

Those who think Nigeria is a nation are sorely mistaken and have no clue what a nation truly is. By its proper definition, a nation is a community of people formed on the basis of shared cultural identity, common language, and ethnicity.

A country, on the other hand, is a self-governing political entity. It’s an independent sovereign state or part of a larger state, a physical territory with a government, or a geographic region associated with sets of previously independent or differently associated people.

As a geopolitical entity, the country called Nigeria is a syncretic amalgamation of disparate independent nations by the British colonizers. Except for their geographical close proximity and skin color, the more than 250 nations that make up Nigeria share nothing in common at all. They are distinct culturally, linguistically, and ethnically.

In furtherance of their pillaging of Africa, the British monarchy created an artificial geopolitical contraption by amalgamating 3 colonies under their imperial control. To facilitate the ravaging of lands that do not belong to them, the British Crown forced disparate peoples and autonomous entities that had little in common culturally, politically, or socially into an unholy union.

Predictably, Nigeria, the product of that forced marriage, is bedeviled with crisis, confounded with chaos, and hanging on by a thread. The fruit of the British poisonous tree is gasping for breath because the seed of its origin was sown in malice and its beginning was conceived in mischief.

Fundamental to the continued existence of Nigeria is the understanding that the nations that make up the British Frankenstein will enjoy self-determination and autonomy. The basis for Nigeria is the agreement that the various cultures and ethnic groups would enjoy equal right and equal footing. Nigeria’s peace rests on the premise that none of the nations are inferior to the others.

Phony peace cannot melt stony hearts. Unity forged under false pretenses will never endure. An accord achieved by coercion and suppression will only lead to discord. Harmony cannot be achieved when the hot lava of acrimony flows like a river underneath a volcanic mountain of contrived camaraderie.

True brotherhood comes when brothers are truthful to one another. Real fellowship is achieved only when every member feels safe and secure. There cannot be friendship where there is no mutual respect. Alliances where there is no acceptance will soon crumble. Federations where members are merely tolerated will soon fade.

A leader who will sellout his own people is not worthy to lead anyone. A man who stands idly by as his own people are being slaughtered in their own homes and when his people cry out for help, he calls the outcry hate speeches, such a man does not belong among leaders, he deserved to be shunned and ignored.

When it comes to leaders who betray their own people for selfish reasons, Bola Tinubu is on top of the list. This man is traitorship personified. Bola Tinubu will sell out his own father – who remains a mystery by the way – if he thought it was advantageous. His natural instinct is to backstab and double-cross.

What did Tinubu do when he went to Akure to commiserate with Pa Fasoranti, the leader of the Yoruba people, on the murder of his daughter? Instead of condemning the Fulani terrorists who committed the dastardly act, Tinubu blamed Evans the billionaire kidnapper for the crime. Without providing any evidence, he vociferously defended the Fulani bandits and claimed they were not responsible for the killing.

What did Tinubu do when hundreds of Nigerian youths were slaughtered at Lekki Toll Gate by military men under orders from the Fulani rulers? He called for the arrest and prosecution of the beaten, bruised and murdered protesters.

Bola Tinubu is a traitorous malignant narcissist who cares only about himself. Anyone who thinks such a man is fit to rule Nigeria doesn’t share my value on what leadership is about and who’s qualified to be a leader.


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