By Akin Ojumu

Every time one of these entitled oligarchs from Northern Nigeria opens his kolanut stained orifice, a torrent of malarkey seems to gush out. The latest in a long line of Fulani loudmouths to open up a water hose of drivel in the airwaves is Buba Galadima, a chieftain of the New Nigeria Peoples Party (NNPP).

The old putz was on Arise TV a few days ago to field questions on the 2023 presidential elections. As usual, Galadima waxed lyrical about the prospects of NNPP, his latest party after years of yo-yoing between APC and PDP. 

One of the issues discussed during the interview was the souring of the bromance between NNPP and Labour Party. Rumor has it that a potential merger between the two political parties collapsed because Rabiu Kwankaso, the NNPP presidential candidate, insisted that the alliance only chance of winning the presidential election was if he, a Northerner, emerges as the presidential candidate.

When pressed on why Rabiu Kwankaso could not be a running mate to a South-East candidate in the spirit of new Nigeria, and why it must be a Northerner who should be at the head of the ticket, the imperious Fulani, in all the contemptuous arrogance he could muster, responded with the following stunning statement.

“Because there is no South-East candidate that believes in Nigeria as we have worked to develop this new Nigeria we are talking about.”

If you thought you misheard that, and you were wondering whether something is wrong with your ears, I can assure you that your hearing is perfectly fine, and you certainly don’t need a visit with your ENT doctor – at least not on this one. You heard the Fulani oligarch perfectly well. There’s no South-East candidate that believes in Nigeria as much as the Northerners is exactly what the old cow said.

It is at rare moments like this one, when as a result of a momentary lack of judgement, a Northerner commits the error of being too loose tongued, that you come to know what’s really in the heart of a typical Fulani irredentist and how these people view themselves with respect to ownership of Nigeria. The average Fulani thinks Nigeria belongs to him.

On the face of it, such an outlandish statement by Galadima is quite comical coming from a descendant of Usman dan Fodio whose claim to being Nigerian is questionable at best and outright rubbish at worst. It is indeed outrageous to hear folks, whose foreign ancestry ordinarily should make them illegal aliens in Nigeria, boast that they are even more Nigerian than the real Nigerians.

What is it exactly that makes the Northerners think they believe in Nigeria more than the rest of us, is a question I would have asked Buba Galadima if I were the one conducting that interview. What does it mean to believe in Nigeria? And how have the Northerners demonstrated their belief in Nigeria?

These are the same parasites who have literally hollowed out Nigeria from the inside and have turned the country into a place where the citizens have become scavengers who forage for their sustenance in the wastelands and rummage through dustbins for their daily bread. 

What has Nigeria got to show for the many years these Northern leeches have been feeding on the nation’s blood? Their singular contribution to the nation has been to bring ruin everywhere they go and destruction on everything they touch. An impoverished nation is their crowning jewel, and their magus opus is the international embarrassment that Nigeria has become. Their violent banditry and acts of terrorism are demonstrations of their unwavering belief in Nigeria.

It’s long overdue that these entitled oligarchs from the North are force-fed on a bowl of humble pie. Nigerians must make them eat crow. They must be made to understand that we are all Nigerians, and the country belongs to us all. 


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