By Akin Ojumu

Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu is not a stranger to Nigerians. The man with the Graves Disease eyes has been around a long time. BAT is a vector of deadly viral disease of pandemic proportions. He is a parasite that takes over everything his hand touches. 

The following is just a sample of what Bola Tinubu, allegedly, did to Lagos State:

Number 4, Oyinkan Abayomi (Formerly Queens) Drive, Ikoyi – Valued at N450 Million
A 5-bedroom detached house on one acre of land was Lagos State Governor’s guest house since 1979
Certificate of occupancy was signed and released to Tinubu by Fashola in 2007

26 Bourdillon Road, Ikoyi – Valued at N600 Million
Originally claimed to be by Oando Plc Guest House, it was later acquired by Tinubu from Oando
Lagos State Government paid to rebuild and renovate, it then purchased it from Tinubu for an undisclosed sum.
Subsequently, the State handed the property back to Tinubu under the Pension Bill he signed into law shortly before Tinubu left office in 2007. 

Annex of the Lagos State Guest House in Asokoro, Abuja – Valued at N450 Million
Bought by the State Government in 2006 to protect the main house from security breach.
Shortly after Tinubu left office, the property was transferred to him under the pension plan he signed into law before leaving office.

250-Hectares of Land Ajah Junction, Lekki Road – Valued at N35 Billion
Initially meant for a General Hospital, Eti-Osa Local Government 
Tinubu confiscated and handed it over to Trojan Estate Ltd – a company owned by Deji and Wale Tinubu
Trojan Estate used the land to build the Royal Garden Housing Estate at the expense of the taxpayers of Lagos.

1,000-Hectares of Land Located at Lakowe, Near Abijo, Ibeju-Lekki Local Government – Valued at N75 Billion
Given to Lekki Concession Company owned by Tinubu and Fashola
Developed as golf course and housing estate by Assets and Resource Management Ltd 

157-Hectares Prime Land with 2.5km of Atlantic Beachfront – Valued at N10 Billion
Appropriated by Tinubu from the communities of Siriwon, Igbekodo, Apakin in Ibeju-Lekki Local Government
Tinubu gave it to Ibukun Fakeye, one of his many cronies

3.8 Hectare of Land in Victoria Island Next to Institute of Oceanography – Valued at N3 Billion
It belonged to Lagos State Fisheries office, but now owned by Bola Tinubu

Fishery Landing Jetty at Badore – Valued at N500 Million
The Ilubirin fishermen were to be relocated here
It’s owned by Bola Tinubu

Entire Ogudu Foreshore – Valued at N5 Billion
The scheme initially earmarked for a low-cost housing scheme 
Now owned by Bola Ahmed Tinubu

Ilubinrin Housing Estate – Valued at N2.5 Billion
Used to house Lagos State Civil Servants and Judges up till 2007
It’s now owned by Jagaban

Former Julius Berger Yard at Oko Orisan, Epe – Valued at N450 Million
This property belonged to the Lagos State Government
It’s now owned by Bola Tinubu

Lagos State Polytechnic near Toll Gate
Bola Tinubu kicked the Polytechnic out in 2006
Took over the property to build the headquarters of Television Continental (TVC) owned by him

Critical Care Unit, Lagos State University Teaching Hospital (LASUTH), Ikeja
Built and equipped with Lagos State funds
It now belongs to Bola Tinubu and run by his cousin, Dr. Sikiru Tinubu
The Care Unit generates revenue from fees paid by the State Government on behalf of patients referred there by its General Hospitals.

14-Hectare Parkview Ikoyi Estate Foreshore Land
Reclaimed by Lagos State Government
Now belongs to Bola Tinubu. 

Strabag Yard Next to Lagos State Secretariat, Alausa, Ikeja
Tinubu took it over while in office 

You cannot love Nigeria and wish a man like BAT becomes its president. Don’t tell me you have the interest of Nigerians at heart if you want to entrust their fate and future into the hands of a man who is a Bermuda Triangle that sucks in everything in his vicinity.

Considering the looting and scavenging of Lagos State carried out by Tinubu, no true Yoruba son or daughter, who is a proper Omoluabi, will wish Bola Tinubu on Nigeria. I don't know of any Nigerian who, in their right mind, will want Bola Ahmed Tinubu to happen to him or his own family.

May God help Nigeria if this man ever becomes its president.


  1. Good writer, but pls write about the dubious of Atiku also

    1. Atiku is the same as Tinubu and is not fit to lead.

  2. Asiwaju of the universe probably second Nigeria richest man nest to Dangote thanks God he invested all his money in Lagos n Nigeria creating job opportunities for the people more grease to your elbows Jagaban

  3. Oh my Goodness God... Why did you keep quite and be watching 👀 this Looters to finish all our Resources for the unborn 20 Generations of Lagos State? Humm. God they...

  4. Greetings sir, we member deafness don't have any money since what we doing?

  5. He took all that without paying a kobo for their purchases? Is that what you wanted us to believe . And if these properties were sold to non yoruba indigenes and same becomes the heart beat in lagos ,would you people blame those who must have done that without considering the son of the soil. All these are mere envy of this man success.

  6. Lori iro people don come oooo,when Asiwaju is using his youthful years to work they were sleeping oooo, they never took risk like Asiwaju,now they wish to be Asiwaju,ilara ati Egan waa po,e gbo ibi Oja gbe n ta,e bere lowo Ori, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu ni Orin ti won ko ni gboro,BAT2023 Not Negotiable.Aso Rock Straight.

  7. Lori iro people don come oooo,when Asiwaju is using his youthful years to work they were sleeping oooo, they never took risk like Asiwaju,now they wish to be Asiwaju,ilara ati Egan waa po,e gbo ibi Oja gbe n ta,e bere lowo Ori, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu ni Orin ti won ko ni gboro,BAT2023 Not Negotiable.Aso Rock Straight.

  8. The questions remain what does he have over the rulers of this country that they all remain mute on this grabbing of government properties?. What would happen to these properties upon His death?

  9. Hello EFCC, are you sleeping? Please, wake up and have a chat with Jagaban Ahmed Bola Tinubu or else your organization stands desolved!

  10. You are nothing but paid political contractor,even the celebrated Awolowo have estates all over.

  11. No difference between this writer and the person in question here . Give him/her the opportunity he/she will be worst off

  12. If this is all True then this man cannot become the president of Nigeria, shikena

  13. We always knew Tinubu to be a greedy man, always grasping! Well, I thot they say Eko oni gbagba ku gba ni, ibi like say Eko gba Igba ku gba, won tun wa fi ere yi won lori sef, Wetin remain for Lagosians except Lagoon n the Ocean since this guy has taken over all their lands !

  14. YOU, are you corrupt free in your little way? Put forward a politician that is not corrupt please?

  15. May God help us ooo. If vote Bola Lagos state will belong to him and if we vote hausa Fulani they will kill all lagosians and fight the Yorubas and over take Nigeria. God which way Nigeria which way we go. God help us . God have mercy ooo. Nigeria is falling .

  16. Ooh God this kind of person we don't need him... because of his past records

  17. Why should Nigerian’s be thinking of an old Man for God’s sake. Tinubu is old and can’t rule nigeria based on what Nigeria is presently. We all need someone who cares for the masses and not for those who cares only for his family and friends. It’s time for change in Nigeria and this change must be accomplished no matter what.

  18. Mr tinubu ist correct or not answered yes or no with facts

  19. The man is evil 😈 and selfish. I have never seen a human that greedy. He 👀 himself as Awolowo........ but he is nothing to compare to him. Tinubu is not but a Haden criminal

  20. ALLAH is Mighty . Watch ALLAH .,wait and see the Judgement of Allah . When I remember Abacha. I fear God more. When I read Quran I cried. Because Allah is coming to do HIS WILL on the oppressors. I don't to be killed . I have to stop. But I fear Allah and respect people. ( Remember 6 feet

  21. He will never become Nigeria's president. No matter how many oluomos, obas of Lagos and demons of hell take side with him. Being Nigeria's president is only a dream that will remain a dream until BAT is lowered into his grave.

  22. Why don’t Nigerians reveal these things in a timely manner. We just keep quiet and prostrate for them and so they keep doing it.

  23. Nigerian Youths go for your PVC and ensure BAT is not voted in as Nigerian President in 2023

  24. What does it profit a man who owns the whole world but cannot take even a pin to his grave when he dies as we will all do? Vanity, vanity, vanity! It is all vanity. Unnecessary and unwarranted greed and avarice. The day of reckoning is at hand!

  25. Story for the gods

  26. This is bad if actually true

  27. God please do not allow affliction to come to us a second time. I am OBIDIENT.

  28. Please, Where is your proof?

  29. Nigerians, it is pathetic especially the Yoruba brothers and sisters love their oppressors differently. They are shouting emi lo kan, when awon to kan mo ara won. Eleda mi ma jeki nse eru aye, emi ati awon ebi mi. I thank you Lord for your mercy of liberating me from the accursed people ruling the accursed land of Nigeria.


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