By Akin Ojumu

Pastor Blinks is a Ghana-based prophet who has been especially called by the “spirit” into an area of ministry that has been left fallow for far too long. Anointed from on high with supernatural power, the prophet is charged with a unique and singular assignment, which is to attend to the hygienic needs of his female church members.

As they say, “Cleanliness is next to godliness.” The godliness of a church is directly proportional to the wholesomeness and purity of its members. This is especially true for female hygiene. If a church desires to be on fire for God, its women must be super clean. It’s only congregations with supremely hygienic women that experience the powerful display of God’s power.

It was for this very purpose that Pastor Blinks was called, to keep the women clean so that the power of God may be seen. And the man of God goes about his calling with great relish. Sunday services are cleansing services.

The female church members receive “spirit-filled” special spa treatments. Pastor Blinks gives them the full works including full-body mud mask, herbal body wrap, paraffin body wrap, full body massage, full-body facial, body tanning /bronzing, water therapy, spot treatment, etc. The man of God takes his time to manicure the pubic hair, scrub the private parts, and give a thorough full-body bath right in front of the congregation. After the women have been bathed each receives a brand new custom-made anointed underwear cut to their exact size and shape.

Guess what? The female members love it. That the anointed man of God will even be interested in their hygienic wellbeing is something that gives these women goose pimples. It tickles them that the “spirit” will send such a powerful man of God to cater to their bodily needs. What thrills them the most is the custom-made anointed underwear that the pastor gives them after each spa session.  There’s no other church or man of God that does anything remotely close to this, they are quick to point out. They are thankful to Pastor Blinks for showering them with this level of affection and are thankful to God for giving them so much attention.

You’d understand then how these women feel when they see their man of God being dragged on social media for doing what no one else does. These women are left perplexed, wondering how anyone in their right mind would interpret the spa treatment their darling pastor gives them as anything but a righteous act that comes from a righteous heart. How dare them question the good work that their pastor is doing. Pondering, they ask, “Don’t these people know that it was the “spirit” that specifically directed Pastor Blinks to do this?” The women then conclude, “These critics must be biased and envious. They certainly must have personal grudges against our dear father in the Lord.”

If you managed to read this far, and in your mind, you are thinking, this must be a work of fiction, you are absolutely spot on. The viral videos circulating on YouTube and other social media platforms about the pastor who likes to give women spa treatment in church are scenes of movies produced by Kumawood Movie. The lead character, Pastor Blinks, is a role played by the movie producer, who is also the movie director. His real name is Nana Mensah Mark.

In an interview with a local Kumasi radio station, Peace FM, a few years ago, Nana Mensah said he was inspired to shoot the ‘Pastor Blinks’ movies because he has once been duped by a supposed man of God and he wants to use his movie to sensitize Ghanaians to be careful and not fall for fake prophets like ‘Pastor Blinks’.

If you read this and tell yourself, “Well, my pastor doesn’t bathe women in church like Pastor Blinks,” you are more likely than not guilty of irrational rationalization and are blinded by misplaced loyalty. Just so you know, the church is full of ‘Pastor Blinks’.

A pastor that lays his hand on a row of chairs and invites his members to come and sit on them to receive their miracle is a Pastor Blinks. When a man of God lifts up a rod in church and asks his members to pray to it to receive their blessings, he’s not any different from Pastor Blinks. Churches where Bibles are buried under the buildings are operating by the same spirit as Pastor Blinks. A pastor who cajoles his members to sow seeds in exchange for miracles is a Pastor Blinks.

This is the uncomfortable question every Christian must ask himself, “Is my daddy in the Lord a Pastor Blinks?” More likely than not, the answer will be yes. Your man of God is a 'Pastor Blinks' and the practices at your church are similar to what happens in Pastor Blinks church.

If you have any concern about your soul, you'll flee from a such a pastor, and if you care at all about your eternal destiny, you’ll run from such a church.


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