By Akin Ojumu

No one will be judged on the account of their poverty. God is not going to find anyone guilty for being sick. Being jobless, homeless, childless, husbandless, wifeless, or friendless are not the parameters upon which anyone will be condemned to hell. The lack of influence, power, fame and fortune are not grounds for God's disfavor. The judgement of God will be handed down on all workers of iniquity, for the wages of sin is death. Your sin is what will earn you a permanent bedspace in Sheol. Living in unrighteousness is what will condemn you to the lake of fire.

Your material well-being is not a measure of the wellness of your soul. There are many who are wealthy in this world who'll end up in hell. On the other hand, poverty is not a ticket to eternal life. The material does not determine the eternal. Heaven and hell will each have its fair share of the rich and poor.

The "name it and claim it" doctrine is not anchored in Scripture; they are the deceptive babblings of idle men. Assertions of guaranteed endless happiness, exponential success, and extraordinary blessings are nothing but syncretic teachings that originate from Gnosticism, Epicureanism and Stoicism. As long as you are in the mortal flesh, you’ll face the afflictions of a fallen world. 

The true Gospel is simple. It is the preaching of eternal salvation through faith in Jesus Christ. God sent His only begotten Son to the world to reconcile men back to Him. The reason you are saved is so that you don’t rot in hell and spend eternity in Hades. Any other Gospel is heresy from the pit of hell.

The true Gospel is one that preaches Jesus who came to save your soul from the damning consequences of sin. A saving Gospel is one that reminds of the work of Jesus in reconciling the fallen man back to the Creator of the universe from whom they are estranged by their iniquities. When the true Gospel is preached it produces results. And that result is a transformed life that is fully committed to Christ and fully devoted to God. The proof that you are genuinely saved and truly reconciled back to the Father is shown in good works. 

False gospel, on the other hand, produces pseudo-Christians who do not know God. Such a gospel of the flesh yields pretend-believers whose hearts are far from God. These are those consumed by earthly things. All they care about is the aggregate sum of their material possessions. They are the ones whose every waking moment is filled with the thought of how to fill up their earthly barns. What such folks are after is what God gives and not who God is.

A belief in the concept of God is not sufficient to stop you from going to hell. Demons also believe, and they tremble. True faith in God involves a new birth, a transformation. A transformed life walks in total obedience to the precepts of God. If you have the light of Christ in you, that light will shine in demonstrated righteous deeds. The validity of your Christian faith is confirmed by the fruit you bear. A faith that does not result in good works is a dead faith.

This is the true Gospel. Jesus died on the Cross to save you from sin. Salvation from sin is not a guarantee against the trials and tribulations of this fallen world, and it is not an insurance against poverty and sickness. The only assurance you’ve been given is that the Savior of your soul has overcome the world and has reserved a place for you in His kingdom. Those who tell you otherwise are peddlers of false hope and purveyors of foolish expectations. 

If that's not enough to make you want to fear and serve the Almighty God, you can take your chances at what awaits you on the other side when you stand before the Bema Seat.


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