“The Reward of Righteousness”

By Akin Ojumu

“The blessing of the LORD brings riches, And He adds no sorrow to it” (Proverbs 10:22).

God knows us more than we know ourselves, and He’s a good judge of our strengths and weaknesses. God will not give a Believer riches if those riches will undermine his journey to eternity. Likewise, God will not allow any of His own to be poor if, as a result of poverty, the person will end up in hell fire. If marriage will be the undoing of a Christian, God will not give him a wife. 

A Christian may not get the 6-figure paying dream job or the multi-million dollar contract because God knows they'll hinder him from making heaven. The blessing of Jehovah Jireh always enriches without any associated downsides. Whatever benefit accrues to the Believer, it is such that won't sabotage his eternal destiny.

In Philippians 4:19 we read, “And my God will supply all your needs according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus.” 

The “need” in this passage is what God has determined will not become an obstacle to our eternal destiny. When it comes to our needs, God will not be in our debt. He always meets needs. Anything that will steal eternity with God from us is not a need but a mere want. God will not, and does not, satisfy wants. 

Furthermore, timing and the readiness of the state of heart of the believer are determinants to receiving God’s blessings. There are certain benefits a believer will not enjoy from God at a particular point in time because that person is not in a right place, spiritually, emotionally, mentally, or psychologically. So, God will withhold until the person is better prepared to handle the benefit.

The steadfast love of our God never ceases, His mercies towards his children never come to an end. They are renewed every day. God is Omnipotent; the future is known to Him. He often orchestrates events in our lives to protect us from ruin and to shield us from imminent danger. 

Take the case of a man who, on his way to catch an important flight, got caught in heavy traffic, and as a result missed the flight, even though he prayed fervently to God. You can imagine how disappointed he became, especially because the next flight was not until the next day. While on his way back home, though, the news broke that the plane he was supposed to be on had crashed, not even an hour into the flight, and there were no survivors. 

Such is the mercy of God towards us. Every disappointment is a blessing in disguise. Those unmet expectations are the hands of God in operation in our affairs. Our pains and hurts are gifts from a loving Father wrapped up in a neat little bow. He masterminds all things to work together in our favor.

“Let the brother in humble circumstances glory in his high position, as a born-again believer, called to the true riches and to be an heir of God” (James 1:9).

You may have nothing in the world, but you have a high position with God. You may be the scum of the earth, but you can rejoice because your spiritual status is one of exaltation. You may be hungry, but you have the Bread of life. You may be thirsty, but you’ll drink of the Water of life. You may be poor, but you have the true riches. You may be cast aside by men, but you are received by God – (Borrowed).

“But without faith it is impossible to please him: for he that cometh to God must believe that he is, and that he is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him.” (Hebrews 11:6).

Oh, what a reward awaits the man who finishes the race to eternal life strong. Great is the prize that'll be awarded to him who endures till the end. The eternal return on investment to him who overcomes is beyond belief. The riches of this world do not even begin to compare with the dividends that accrue towards a man who lives righteously in this unrighteous world. 

The one who overcomes, his name is engraved in the Book of Life. The overcomer is adorned in the white royal robe of Heaven, crowned with glory and honor, and made to sit on God’s throne. Such a man is granted authority to rule over the nations. 

And that's not all. 

The man who endures till the end will eat of the fruits from the tree of life, and he'll be nourished with the hidden manna. The overcomer is given a new name, engraved in a white stone, and known only to him. The one who finishes the race will be made a pillar in the Temple of the Most High, and he'll be spared the everlasting agony and horror of the second death.

Oh, what a joy for those
Whose obedience is complete,
Whose righteousness endures.
Yes, what joy awaits those
Whose record the Lord wipes clean of sin
And of whom the Lord declares,
“Well done, thou good and faithful servant
Enter thou into the joy of your Master.


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