By Akin Ojumu

Isaac Oyedepo is the youngest son of Bishop David Oyedepo and heir to the throne of the Living Faith Church Worldwide aka Winners’ Chapel. Appointed by his father as the Senior Pastor of the Living Faith Church in Bowie, Maryland, United States, Isaac is touted as the:

“…extension of one mandate to multiple generations. God delivered a mandate to his father, Bishop David Oyedepo on the 1st and 2nd of May 1981 to deliver the world from all oppressions through the preaching of the Word of Faith. He teaches the Word of Faith with simplicity yet carries the fire of the Holy Spirit to his generation with proofs of signs, wonders, and miracles,” 

As his bio on the Church website reads.

Whenever Isaac picks up the microphone and opens his mouth, you don’t need a DNA test to confirm his paternity. The gentleman is a chip off the old block and a true son of his father. He is young, flamboyant, charismatic, and articulate. And like his father, he’s always sharply dressed in well-tailored slim fit outfits that reveal chiseled biceps and well-toned quadriceps. The only difference between father and son is the choice of color. Unlike his father who wears white and red all the time, Isaac is more liberal and into rainbows, he likes to mix it up a little bit.

The man Isaac took to the altar of the Winners’ Chapel, Maryland, a few weeks ago to deliver another one of his SWM-laden (i.e., sign-wonder-and-miracle-laden) messages. It was an end of the month and children dedication Sunday service. The previous Sunday, the church had dedicated the Winners’ Faith Dome in Bowie, Maryland. Before proceeding with the sermon of the day, Pastor Isaac wanted to relive the experience of the previous week’s event. He asked the congregation to wave their hand to God for what He did during the dedication when He (i.e., God) opened it in a miraculous way. 

Isaac then proceeded to say the following words which is the subject of this commentary.

“You'd be glad to know that when we were building this glorious dome, we buried the Bible in 15 different spots. Everywhere there was a pillar, when we removed the pillar, we put the word. So, this faith dome is standing on what?” 

And the congregation responded with a loud,

“The word!!!”

Now, I don’t know about you, that really blew my mind. For a man who’s supposed to be a well-versed teacher of the Word of Faith to boldly declare that they buried Bibles under the Church building and that did not send alarm bells across the Winners’ Chapel stratosphere is something that should terrify any Christian who understands Scripture. That the congregation would respond with a raucous, roof blowing, shouts of “Amen” should horrify any Bible-believing Christian. 

It's shocking, though not surprising, that the scion of Winners’ Chapel actually believes that a church that stands on the Word of God is a church that literally stands on the Word of God by burying Bibles under the physical pillars on which the church building stands. It’s quite frightening to think that this is the level of understanding of the Senior Pastor of such a mega church. That this is the person who may one day step into his father’s shoes and assume leadership of the Living Faith Church Worldwide sends shivers down my spine. 

This is exactly the reason Paul instructed Timothy in, 1 Timothy 5:22, not to, “Lay hands suddenly on no man, neither be partaker of other men's sins.” It is a dangerous thing to put a mantle of spiritual authority on a novice. Saddling a baby with the responsibility of caring for the souls of men is deadly. When it comes to the matter of guiding men to eternity, we cannot afford to make mistakes in who we choose as leaders or under whom we surrender ourselves as followers. The call into ministry is not an inheritance. No man of God can bequeath the work of God to his children as a birthright. It is not something a father wills to his son. God calls each person on their own and as He chooses.

Burying Bibles under the church is not different from burying a life goat under the altar. Those who do so practice idolatry. The Bible is not a talisman that you put under the pillow to ward off evil spirits. Anyone who practices such is engaged in witchcraft. This is so wrong on many levels. 

A church does not stand on the pillar of the Word of God by burying Bibles under the pillars of the church building. It is the Word of God you know – deep within your heart – that has the power to change your life and not the Bible you bury under the church building. 

When a blind guide leads tens of thousands of other blinds, where they’ll end up is already foretold. Therefore, I beseech you this day. Depart from this iniquity. Run from this error. The destiny, and the destination, of your soul depends on it.


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