By Akin Ojumu

Wonders shall never cease. When you thought you’ve seen it all, something else happens that jolts you back to reality and reminds you that you ain’t seen nothing yet.

Bishop (Dr) Abraham Chigbundu is a deliverance minister – a self-styled deliverance apostle. He is the presiding Bishop of Voice of Freedom Ministries International, headquartered in the Government Residential Area, Benin City, Nigeria. 

I knew him from way back when I was still pretty young in the faith as a Christian student on the campus of the University of Benin, Benin City. As a member of the Christian Union Fellowship then, this man was a frequent guest minister to the fellowship. Being a far more matured Christian than many of us students, Bro Chigbundu was one of those "Senior Friends" we revered, looked up to, and whose counsel and guidance we frequently sought not just on spiritual matters but also on other things going on in our lives as well. 

The Abraham Chigbundu that many of us knew back then has since transformed into something totally unrecognizable. He has now built for himself a secular empire solely around evil spirits and deliverance. The man profits from casting out demons from the demon possessed – real or imagined.

The man of God was at a church in the UK a few years ago where he peddled a special perfume that is a repellant of spiritual odor. The deliverance minister spent his time on the pulpit to hawk a spiritual body armor, in form of a fragrance, that will serve as bulletproof against spiritual attacks.

Only there's a catch. You must first sow a fat seed to get just a few squirts of the anointed perfume. Those with the fattest seed get to stand in front of the line to be doused with Bishop Chigbundu’s powerful perfume.

Let there be no doubt in the mind of anyone, putting on a perfume that will drive away evil spirits from you is not Christianity, it is witchcraft. Sellers of such perfumes are manipulators and agent provocateur trying to lure people into the occult. Miracles, healings, and blessings are not commodities to be purchased with money or sowing seed. The grace of God has been freely bestowed on all of us. These merchants trying to sell you God's grace are conmen looking to rip you off. Shun them and tune them out.

The deliverance many of us need is not from demonic possession or oppression by evil spirits. What we need is deliverance from our ignorance of the Word of God. All it takes to be delivered is to pick up the Bible and prayerfully study, asking God to illuminate your heart with the light of His truth and saturate your mind with the knowledge of His Word.

It's heartbreaking to see that this is what has become of this beloved senior friend. Sadly, it is the end result for those whose focus shift to earthly things and it is what happens to everyone whose primary emphasis becomes temporal. An unholy fascination with the kingdom of darkness often leads you into error and an obsession with mammon will derail even the best of us.

Like many of you, I'm on a voyage of discovery. I'm unlearning a lot of junks, relearning a whole lot of stuff I already knew, and learning a vast amount of new things. Yet, I still consider myself to know the absolute square root of bob-all about the Almighty God. 

You see, my understanding of God is massively minimal and my knowledge of Scripture is monumentally infinitesimal. The more I know, the more I realize I need to know. So like Apostle Paul, I keep digging, studying, questioning, and pressing towards to the mark of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus. I hope you'll join me to do the same.


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