By Akin Ojumu

You've got to give it to Prophet Joshua Iginla, the founder and senior pastor at the scam house called Champions Royal Assembly, Abuja, Nigeria. This Ekiti man, who dumped his wife for his South African mistress, might be an empty suit charlatan parading himself as a man of God, but he is most assuredly creative in the art of scamming fools. Joshua Iginla is a pro in the science of conning the ignoramus. He’s a gifted grifter adept at the Art of the Steal. When Iginla lays down on his bed at night, he devises new ways of doing evil. He is an evil genius at ripping off his church members.

And true to type, Prophet Iginla has done it again. Out of his laboratory of devilry, the skilled con artist has one up on all the flimflammers in holy garb in Nigeria. Joshua Iginla has come up with another scamming scheme no other con man has ever thought of. Prophet Iginla has invented a miracle swimming pool. The chief of the hustlers has invented a replica of the Pool of Bethesda where anyone needing a miracle cure or supernatural healing can come take a dip for an itty bitty fee of N50,000 per dip. Away with the miracle water in water bottles. Throw out the jars of olive oil and palm oil. Miracle handkerchiefs are a thing of the past. In comes the Pool of Bethesda at the Scammers Royal Assembly in Abuja.

A modern-day Pool of Bethesda? Who could have ever thought of that? Prophet Iginla is simply brilliant. The man is at the curtain edge of the fleecing game. When it comes to extortion in the House of God, Prophet Iginla is state-of-the-art, he’s right there at the very top. He has taken swindling in the Church to a whole different level. The man is an alpha dog among the holy 419s and a general in the ranks of the spiritual fraudsters.

Sadly, many continue to fall for this crap. The line of people waiting to shell out N50,000, out of their hard-earned limited resources, just to get a miracle bath at Iginla’s Pool of Deception is as long as the line you find at the petrol stations when fuel scarcity is at its highest. There's a ruckus down there at the Iginla’s swimming pool as hapless souls looking for miracles trample upon themselves in a rush to get in line for a swim at the faux Pool of Bethesda.

Iginla has certainly opened a can of worms for other scammers to follow suit. Very soon, Pools of Bethesda will spring up, like weeds, all over the country. Fellow charlatans, who will not be out done, will devise their own versions of the supernatural swimming pools. I can see these con artists coming up with all kinds of schemes for a variety of fees. They’ll offer cold or warm swimming pools, mud water pool or clear water pool, short swim or long swim, swim naked or swim fully clothed, full healing or partial healing, etc., etc.

It doesn’t matter how stupid it looks or how idiotic it sounds, ignorant miracle seekers will lap it all up and fall for it. The eyes of the mind of many have been so blinded they cannot distinguish truth from lies even if it stares in the face. Because there’s not a jot of discernment left in Church – if they ever had any in the first place – many continue to allow themselves to be made fool of and they give license to charlatans to defraud them. It’s just so sad.

Nevertheless, the foundation of God stands sure. The Almighty God cannot be mocked. The hottest part of hell is reserved for men and women like Joshua Iginla, people who mislead the innocent and take advantage of the helpless masses.


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