By Akin Ojumu

On Sunday, July 25, 2021, Pastor Tunde Bakare declared war:

“Somebody say, “Nigeria-for-Nigeria movement.” I'm letting you know it's about to start. I'm going to champion it. It's going to go like wildfire across this nation. Nigeria-for-Nigerians. You’ll be bigger than Save Nigeria Group. You have never seen anything like it before. It's a movement propelled by God. Nigeria-for-Nigerians to deliver us from the hands of oppressors. In the matching name of Jesus days.

“This is a fight to finish. I'm not going to die for this country, I'm going to live for it. Nigeria will prosper in my lifetime. Nigeria will be saved. Nigeria will be saved. Nigeria will become great. It is the wicked that the land will vomit. In the name of Jesus.

“Somebody say, “War!!!

“The people said, “To your tents, O Israel.” We have no portion in the House of Jesse anymore. Sovereignty is not in your hands. You are commander-in-chief of nothing, except the people put you there. The highest office in the land is the office of the citizen, it’s not the office of the president. Nigerians are going to rise; they are going to demand for their rights.

“Nigeria for Nigeria movement!!! In the name of Jesus.

“And I dare you try to stretch your hand against me, like you have done to others. Then you will know whether God sent me or I'm just empty or I'm just making noise. In the name of Jesus Christ.

“Somebody shout, “Nigeria-for-Nigerians!!!” The time to serve this country has come. The government can’t serve us. The military can’t serve us. Nigerians must rise and demand for what is rightfully theirs. In Jesus' mighty name.

“Get out of my way! Get out of my way!! Get out of my way!!! This is a final warning. Get out of my way!!! Get out of my way!!! 

"I loved you. I served you. I respected you. I did everything to make it work for you. And you turned against me. And God has turned against you. Get out of my way. Time has come for truth to be spoken. Do you understand me?”

And this was Tunde Bakare doing a Michael Jackson backsliding a week later on Sunday, August 1, 2021:

“Mr. President, this is not about you. Let no one deceive you. It isn't about you. It's about 200 million people whose lives are at risk, who have been kidnapped, whose wives and daughters are being raped and who have been devastated. It's not about you.

“So, when I said this is war last Sunday, let me explain myself, because they can come and plant weapons in my house and say we found arms and ammunition in his house. You'll be wasting your time. All that I have in my house is a knife and a fork, to eat my yam. Do you understand me? The weapons of our warfare are not carnal, they're not man made. They are mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds. Do you understand me? 

"When I declared war last Sunday, it was against the wicked. It was against those perverting justice in our land. Their days are numbered.”

Blah, blah, blah!!!

On Sunday, July 25, 2021, Pastor Tunde Bakare took to the pulpit of the Church and declared war on President Buhari and his administration. With the boldness of a fearless tiger, the man of God read the riot acts to PMB. In no uncertain terms – clearly and forcefully – the MOG pronounced war on the Commander-in-Chief.

Hearing the declaration of aluta by the man of God on Sunday, July 25th, millions of Nigerians put up their hands and said, “sign me up.” They all jumped up from their lazy boy recliners, dropped the remote controls, and went straight to the hardware stores to shop for some battle gears. Not to be left out of the call to fight, I headed to the store, and I got myself a poncho, sturdy boots, solid hat, towels, blankets, sleeping bags, flashlight, matches, mosquito repellant, MRE (i.e., meals ready to go), weather radio, baton, stun gun, whistle, and a dozen duffle bags.

Fast-forward Sunday, August 1st. My gears were packed. I was locked and loaded with my baton and flashlight, ready for war. Nigeria-for-Nigerians (NfN) Movement here I come. I was all pumped, ready for real action, and I couldn’t wait to get into the thick of things. I was going straight to the frontlines, where the battle is usually the fiercest. 

But just as I was about to hit the road to boot camp, I decided to tune in, one last time, to get the final instructions from the Generalissimo of the NfN Movement himself. Lo and behold, what I heard the man of God say left me stunned, his words knocked the wind out of my sail. 

The fearless tiger of a week ago has turned into a paper tiger a week later. Our Field Marshall has done a rapid double…triple…back flip. The man who was breathing fire like a fiery dragon just the previous week has done a somersault and he was now letting out harmless fumes. He has pulled a 180 degree in record time. The fire and brimstone Supreme Commander now has his tail between his legs.

A week after making a declaration of war against PMB, the champion of the NfN was twisting himself into pretzels trying to walk back his martial law. In his characteristic fake bravado, the flip flop was all wrapped up in Christianese and the change of tunes was made to sound like a word from on high. But no matter how hard he tried, the mea culpa wasn’t pretty at all, the braggadocious walk back was such a painful thing to watch. In the world of flip-flops, Tunde Bakare’s backpedaling ranks near the very top. It’ll certainly give Lindsay Graham, the flip flopper-in-chief of American politics, a run for his money. 

But how the man who declared war a week before started singing a different tune a few days later, is a mystery I’ll leave for the political scientists to figure out, because speculating on what really happened will do us no good. But if I have to hazard a guess, I’ll say somebody got to the man of God. The leader of the aborted NfN must have been paid a visit by some goons with very big guns and given a stern warning or an offer he couldn’t refuse. 

Whatever is the case, the fact remains that the Generalissimo who wanted to fight to finish, quickly finished the fight without firing a single shot. The 11-day capitulation of the Afghan government and its military pales in comparison. It is a retreat that beats all retreats, and a surrender never ever seen before.


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