By Akin Ojumu

Never in my lifetime has the Body of Christ seen this level of ignorance in its rank. At no other time in the history of the Church have we witnessed such a widespread shallowness in the understanding of the truth of God. At a time when information is in the palm of everyone’s hands and when with just a few taps and clicks access is granted into yottabytes of knowledge, a deluge of cluelessness enshrouds the Ekklesia.

There are about 50 main versions of the English Bible today. Wycliffe Global Alliance reported that at least some portion of the Bible has been translated into 3,350 languages. This number includes over 680 languages with complete Bible translations, over 1,500 languages with complete New Testaments, and over 1,000 with some Bible portions and stories.

With such a rich resource, you’d think the Body of Christ will be bursting at the seams with Bible scholars and that the Household of Faith will be swimming in the understanding of the Word of God. Alas, such is not the case. Instead of an overflow of knowledge, what you find sprouting in the congregations all over the world are men and women, young and old, uninformed about God’s Word and ill-informed about God’s truth. And as the church mushrooms in number so does the ignorance of the people grow by leaps and bounds into a pyramid of ignorance.

Sitting on top of this pyramid of ignorance are priests, pastors, bishops, and all kinds of self-proclaimed prophets and apostles who they themselves don’t know any better than the people they lead. Those who claim to be teachers of God’s truth are themselves ignorant of the truth they claim to teach. Since you can only teach what you know, the pupils are left empty, devoid of the truth because the teachers know nothing of the truth themselves. In a case of the blind leading the blind, clueless rabbis rule over ignorant laities thereby creating a pandemic of spiritual blindness that leaves the congregation blind, weak, and easily susceptible to every wisp of doctrine that blows their way.

In the advent of social media, the widespread cluelessness of the man and woman of God and the embarrassment that flows from it is on open display for all to see. It is seen in statements such as these ones spoken with authority from one of such pulpits of ignorance:

“The only tree that a monkey cannot climb is the banana tree. But bananas are what it likes the most. And that is why every time you see a banana in the hand of a monkey, he was dashed. That’s where we got the phrase from, ‘Who dash monkey banana?’ There are things you like that you can’t achieve. You have to be dashed by God”

The lack of depth in the understanding of God’s truth of a supposed teacher of God’s truth is on display when you hear him say:

"I personally will struggle to fall in love with a God who allows nearly a hundred and eight (180) million people in a country He loves so much to live beneath $2 a day. It doesn't make God look good."

You know a blind is leading the blind when you hear statements like this one:

“Don’t get so religious, because the communion wine they served in Corinth was not grape juice. That’s why Paul said those guys were getting drunk on it. Secondly, the very first miracle Jesus did, he suspended the law of chemistry, he turned water into wine, without mixing grape juice inside it. And by the way, that wine, it was booze.”

The blindness of the teacher of the truth is on full display with statements like:

“God created the Universe, He took a tithe, the Milkyway. God created the Milkyway, He took a tithe, the Galaxy – our Galaxy. God created the Galaxy, He took a tithe, our Solar System. God created the Solar System, He took a tithe, Planet Earth. God created Planet Earth, He took a tithe, Israel – the fertile crescent. God created Israel, He took a tithe, Jerusalem the Capital City, the City of David. God created Jerusalem, He took a tithe, the Temple Mount. God created the Temple Mount, He took a tithe, the Temple. God created the Temple, He took a tithe, the Holy of Holies. God created the Holy of Holies, He took a tithe, the Seat of Mercy – the Ark of the Covenant.”

Profound cluelessness is evident when you hear:

“I am the war himself. I am the fight. I am the battle. I am the lion himself. I am the liquid metal. I am the indaboski. That’s why you saw the power the lion used. Indaboski bahose, is power. Lebadu sepre lamande, is power. Abitosheka, is power. Dabuskapa, is power. Lefasefare, is power. Gandukagandusa, is power. Those powers I have never used them. I’m still in indaboski bahose.”

You immediately recognize spiritual blindness of so-called man of God when you see two clowns frenziedly talking to each other in total gibberish and claiming to be speaking in tongues while standing in front of an excited and admiring audience hooting and Amening along as the two men put on the display of their absolute ignorance.

There are a few things that stick in my crawl. None makes my blood boil more than these perversions of Scripture. Yet, when I look around all I see is an onslaught against the Word of God coming from inside the Church. The widespread ignorance in the Body of Christ is one of the few things that keep me awake at night. My heart aches seeing the foolishness that has overtaken the Ekklesia. I’m gravely concerned about what’s happening to the Church. That the Household of Faith is churning out people totally devoid of the understanding of God’s truth bothers me a great deal. 

It’s really a sad thing what has become of the Body of Christ. That the shepherds of God’s flock everywhere are half-baked, ill-informed, spiritual blind should break the hearts of those who know better. What’s most troubling, though, is the fact that these blind teachers have been elevated to the hierarchy of semi-gods. Those who lead men astray have been deified by the very people they lead astray. Their word is law, they are worshiped as gods, and it makes me sick.

Nevertheless, can a blind man lead a blind man? Will they not both fall into a pit? If a person who is blind guides another who is blind, both will fall into a pit. Those who guide these people mislead them, and those they mislead are swallowed up. 

A note of warning to all the blind fools leading the blind and the blind that sheepishly follow them, “Rip your heart to pieces in sorrow and contrition and not your garments. Now return in repentance to the LORD your God, For He is gracious and compassionate, slow to anger, abounding in loving kindness, and faithful to His covenant with His people; And He relents His sentence of evil when His people genuinely repent.”


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