By Akin Ojumu

In this video, you would hear Dutch Sheets, a prophet of the 7 mountains of dominion, claim he personally knows of 3 people who, after dying from COVID, were raised from the dead by a doctor. In fact, one of those 3 people, the death certificate had already been signed. But in a miraculous act of prophetic demonstration, the person rose from the dead and the first thing they did was to ask for a Big Mac, the iconic burger from McDonalds.

Well, that last part is my itty-bitty embellishment – to add some sauce to the story and inject some cinematic dramatics into the fable. 

Regrettably, prophet Dutch is unable to give us the names of these 3 people resurrected from Hades. In the prophet’s telling, these living dead cannot talk about their resurrection experience because they’ll get into trouble if they do. The deep state will come after them to make sure the dead remain dead, or as James Hadley Chase puts it, “Let the dead stay dumb.”

Be that as it may, we cannot verify Brother Sheets' story. So, against the advice of that wise sage, President Ronald Reagan, who told us to “trust but verify,” we are left with no choice but to trust but cannot verify what the prophet of god is telling us happened.

It doesn’t really matter that it's the same prophet who told us that he received prophetic revelations from god that Donald Trump was going to win re-election for a 2nd term by a landslide. But never mind that that didn’t happen though, the election was stolen by the deep state, Dominion Machines, and the ghost of Hugo Chavez of Venezuela who came out of his retirement in hell to manipulate the voting machines. We must, like obedient children, believe the prophet, even though he continues to spin the yarn that Trump is going to be reinstated as POTUS in August.

But I shout, Glory!!! Halleluiah!!! Praise the LORD for this miraculous resurrection that prophet Dutch Sheets says happened. I can feel a shaking of the heavens and the earth already. God is about to dislodge all the ungodly pedophile democrats in control in Washington who want to protect us from dying by pleading with us to wear masks and get vaccinated. Can you believe that...godless liberals who are now on the side of life and are acting prolife? 

Anyways, who needs vaccination when you can get a resurrection? Who cares about getting vaccinated when you can get resurrected? And it is certainly not the job of Joe Biden to protect anyone from dying. It is not the government's job to save anyone. Everyone has the right to die, if they choose to.

But I digress.

This miraculous resurrection of 3 people that only prophet Dutch knows about is certainly an evidence of things to come and a sign of hope for the nearly 650,000 families who have lost loved ones to COVID. The next thing for the prophet is for him to start going from town to town and from graveyard to graveyard to raise all those who have died from COVID. This miracle cannot and must not stop with just the 3 dead people prophet Dutch told us about. Since this is the season of the prophetic release, it is time the prophets go out and resurrect all those who have died from COVID.


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