By Akin Ojumu

The Coronavirus pandemic is helping to uncover those in our society who are secretly insane. As a result of the deadly outbreak, and the social disruptions that have followed, widespread cases of manic disorder in our society that have been hidden for so long are now being exposed. If you look around, you’d find people you hitherto hold in high regard and who, under normal circumstances, sound normal and come across as reasonable, but are now showing classical symptoms of advanced schizophrenia. They are the armchair prophets in your Whatsapp group, the drive-by numerologist who is a Facebook friend, and the spasmodic signologists who flood your inbox with unwarranted COVID-19 updates rich in conspiracies.

A common symptom exhibited by all these newly diagnosed insane people is tangentiality which is a symptom you find in bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, dementia, and other brain disorders.

Tangentiality is a speech disturbance characterized by digressing from one subject to another without ever reaching a conclusion. An individual with tangentiality will be asked a question or start out on a topic and using loose associations will begin discussing another topic and then another loosely associated subject with no conclusion or answer for the original topic. 

For example, when you try to engage a person exhibiting tangentiality in a conversation about the Coronavirus pandemic. Their typical response will go like this:

“The 5G mobile network technology is the cause of the Coronavirus pandemic which is killing all the birds, who poop into the soil causing the food we eat to be poisoned leading to cancer which makes the hair fall off because the Illuminati wants to establish a World Order to help China who have billionaires who built biological laboratories in Wuhan that infected bats and monkeys that people eat and they get COVID-19 that killed 3333 Chinese people which when you think about it is actually 666, the mark of the beast, who drinks blood which contains HIV which is not real but is contracted when people go to hospitals where they are prescribed drugs which they take and get AIDS which the American governments started in 3rd world countries to help their big corporations control the economy which leads to the establishment of a world order which commands the military to kill terrorists who now use the 5G network which is in the microchip that they put on your forehead to mark you which happens when you are forced to take vaccine in the buttocks which the Illuminati wants to use to establish the Internet of Things that is used for mind control that makes you believe that your Pastor is an expert in infectious diseases which spread computer virus that make people sick to cover up the laying of the 5G network cables, which have television shows like Contagion where the entire country was put on lockdown during which the vaccine alliance is able to develop the ID2020 which big governments give to NGOs who work with the GOs who take tithes and offerings from poor people on Sundays when the sun gets very hot because of the heat from radiation from the 5G network which is hotter than hell because anyone who gets the microchip of the Internet of Things does not know anything because the tin is the metal that is used to transmit the 5G to the artificial intelligence which the intelligent agencies are using to spy on your mind, who are the masterminds who want to destroy mankind who are so kind.”

Tangentiality is common during times of high anxiety like the disruption of our way of lives resulting from the Coronavirus pandemic. It is, therefore, crucial that we show empathy and understanding with people we see exhibiting these signs. To restore their sanity, it is imperative we provide these people consistent validation, redirection, and prayers. 

Next time you receive another message from that your social media contact who has contracted COVID-19 related insanity, delete the message, go on your knees and ask God on their behalf to heal their troubled mind.


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